Decorative Kitchen Backsplash To Reinvent Your Kitchen

Metal Kitchen Backsplash

A kitchen backsplash adds a somewhat permanent decorative element to the room. A kitchen backsplash is a section of material added onto the wall behind a sink or a counter, usually in a kitchen.

Tiles are one of the most common types of backsplash materials. The main purpose of kitchen backsplashes is to provide an easy to clean surface so that messes or splashes such as spattering cooking oil won’t mark painted walls or wall paper. Backsplashes can also add great style and color to a kitchen. There is no set area that a backsplash should occupy other than being large enough to contain cooking splatters. Backsplashes range from those just big enough to extend a little past the stove or sink to a sort of running backsplashes that continues around the kitchen. An extended type of backsplash may add a look of cohesiveness to a small kitchen.

For a large kitchen, a single backsplash can make a dramatic focal point. Having a focal point such as an interesting pattern or mix of colors can draw the eye to a certain kitchen feature such as a glass sink or stainless steel stove. Backsplashes should coordinate with the style of the kitchen they’re in. Tile is typically the most affordable material used for creating backsplashes and is also one of the easiest to clean. Both ceramic and glass tile come in a wide variety of colors, shapes and designs. Homeowners can mix and match different colored tiles to create a unique look or use a small number of high-end tiles to act as a focal point.

mosaic kitchen backsplash
mosaic kitchen backsplash

Another option is to use smaller mosaic tiles, which tend to be colored all the way through. If these tiles are chipped or scratched, the damage is not as visible. They are often sold in sheets with a mesh backing for easy installation. The sheets can be cut to allow installers to blend different styles and colors. Natural stone countertops are a popular kitchen component, and many homeowners choose matching granite or marble backsplashes to complete the look. Stone is durable and strong, though it must be resealed twice a year to prevent staining.

Marble tends to be more porous than granite and is more susceptible to grease and food splatters. Both of these materials are available in a wide variety of colors and styles. Choose stone tiles instead of solid sheets or slabs to save money.

All in all, a kitchen backsplash is an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to a kitchen. Another tips for kitchen can be read on

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