What Hardwood Floor Is: Solid and Engineered Woos Floors

Hardwood floor seems like a common option for a house, but what is hardwood floor actually? Do you actually know the types of hardwood floor and the best options for you? Hardwood floorings can come from various species, but there are further differences from the manufacture methods. There are usually two common types of hardwood floor: the solid and the engineered. Knowing the differences will help you installing the right flooring type in every room at home.


What Are Solid and Engineered Hardwood Floors Differences?

So, what is hardwood floor that you need? Based on the material and manufacturing, hardwood floorings consist of two major types: solid and engineered. Just like the name suggests, solid hardwood floor is made of solid piece of wood, cut and shaped into planks or parquet tiles. On the other hand, engineered hardwood is made of several layers of wood sheets, stacked into forming wooden panels.

While solid wood flooring sounds like a better option for house, engineered wood flooring also has its own benefits and will give you great deal of benefits, especially if you want your hardwood floor to stand against the test of time. Here is how engineered wood floor is different from the solid one:

  • Solid wood floor expands and shrinks when humidity level and temperature change in the house. Engineered wood is more stable and does not expand or shrink like solid wood.
  • Solid wood floor is not ideal for below grade installation, such as basement, because it can be damaged by moisture. Engineered wood is ideal in all levels.
  • Engineered wood floor material can be made from recycled wood fiber, so you can get more eco-friendly product for the floor.

What is hardwood floor you should buy? Make sure you find out which wood floor type you actually need before making the purchase.